39994: Now that I've migrated from SFM to Acronis Files Connect, my Mac clients fail to auto-mount volumes. What's wrong?

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Now that I've migrated from SFM to Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP), my Mac clients fail to auto-mount volumes. What's wrong?



The first thing to check is to look in the "Acronis Files Connect Administrator" program and see if the "Allow Workstations To Save Password" button is checked. If this is not checked, then workstations will not be able to log in at start up correctly. Turn this option on, then remount the servers from the clients and set up the auto-mounting again.

Secondly, there may be an issue with respect to the AppleShare Client you are using. While the AppleShare Client 3.8.3 has encrypted password support via the DHX UAM plug-in, this version does not support auto-mounting with encrypted passwords. If this is what is happening, then you have two options. One is to upgrade to AppleShare Client 3.8.6 or later and use its auto-mount features. It works differently and better than previous versions

If you need to continue using 3.8.3 (because your Mac OS version is incompatible with the 3.8.6 release for instance), then you could also turn off the "Allow Encrypted Password" checkbox in the Administrator program.

In addition, Standard Additions 1.4 in MacOS 9 was not updated to accommodate certain changes in AFP Client behavior regarding UAM negotiation. As a result, the mountvolume command would not work with secure logins to certain servers, such as Mac OS X Server and WindowsNT. To fix this problem, upgrade to StandardAdditions1.4.2 or later. See technote for Mac OS 9.0.4 for more information.



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