39990: I've installed Acronis Files Connect but I am disappointed with the performance boost. What can I do to get the most performance out of my environment?

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I've installed Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) but I am disappointed with the performance boost. What can I do to get the most performance out of my environment?



If you are not seeing double the throughput with using Acronis Files Connect (as compared to not using Acronis Files Connect) the problem is probably related to your network. Let's look at some of those possibilities, because there are many different things that can affect performance on your network.

First, make sure you have the latest version of Acronis Files Connect. Each release of Acronis Files Connect has added additional performance enhancements, so it is important to be using the latest. Earlier versions had specific performance problems under certain memory configurations. The latest version correct all known performance issues.

For optimum performance, your machines should be plugged in to a network switch instead of a hub, if possible. Being connected to a switch allows the machine to send and receive data simultaneously; this capability is referred to as "full duplex". If it is only possible to run one of your machines at full duplex, then it is recommended that you run the server at full duplex, since it will make a difference for all of the connected users.

There are also some problems with various Ethernet drivers on both Macintosh and Windows NT. It is important to use the latest Ethernet driver for your specific OS. In particular, older versions of Asante drivers, Apple drivers, and NetGear drivers have some problems. All of these should be addressed by installing the latest fixes from the manufacturer.

Even the latest available drivers have some problems under certain circumstances. In particular, the Apple built-in Ethernet drivers on certain machines do not always correctly auto-negotiate. Apple has a tool available on their support Web site for manually forcing an adapter into full-duplex mode. Contact Group Logic if you need information about this tool. Other manufacturers may have similar utilities for their cards; check with the vendor of your particular hardware.

Finally, there are other ways to improve your network performance. If possible, use 100-Base-T (Fast Ethernet) or better - the speed differences between AppleTalk and TCP/IP are much more dramatic on faster networks. Properly configuring your network with a combination of hubs and switches is also important - you want to keep slower machines on isolated network segments so that their performance does not drag down everyone.



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