39980: Acronis Files Connect: are users able to adjust mounted volume view/display settings

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Last update: 12-07-2017


Are users able to adjust how a directory on a mounted volume is displayed? Can view\display settings be changed?


All AFP Servers, including AppleShare on Mac OS, Services for Macintosh on Windows NT, and Acronis Files Connect on Windows NT allow the AFP "owner" of the folder to set its view state.

Currently, no AFP servers support different views for different users. This means that once the "owner" of a particular folder sets the view, it will be set for all users. The Macintosh Finder does occasionally cache view information, which means that if a user has the folder open when the owner changes the view on another machine, and the other user then closes and re-opens it quickly, the Finder may not show the updated view. However, after a short period of time or after the next login, the Finder should show the view that was set by the owner.

Acronis Files Connect (and Services for Macintosh) interpret the AFP "owner" of a folder as anyone who has "Change Permission" and "Take Ownership" rights to the folder. If you are logged in with an account which has these rights to a folder, the view state that you set will be seen from that point on by all users.

Sometimes, administrators set up Acronis Files Connect volumes where the "Everyone" account has "Full Control". Because "Full Control" includes the "Take Ownership" and "Change Permission" rights, this means that any user who connects can change the view, and it will affect all other users. In order to keep this from happening, the folder's permissions should be changed, so that the "Everyone" group has only "Special Access", including "Read", "Write", "Execute" and "Delete" privileges. Give the "Administrators" (or some other account) "Full Control", and set the view from that account.

We are considering changing the behavior for the specific case where "Everyone" has been given full control to instead allow only the "Administrators" group to change view states; this change might appear in a future version of Acronis Files Connect. We currently have no plans to support "per-user" view settings, although Mac OS X may have some mechanism in place for supporting this when it is released next year.