39976: Using FTP to send to Acronis Mobility Support

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Last update: 18-06-2018


Acronis Mobility Technical Support has provided an FTP account, under which files may be sent to the technical support staff.

Prior to sending files to support, it is required that you contact Technical Support at http://www.acronis.com/mobilitysupport to open a case so that we may begin tracking your issue. Please enclose all files sent to Support within a 'wrapper' folder that contains your case number. This will enable our Support staff to easily locate your files. Please be sure to notify your Support Engineer after you have placed any files on the support FTP server.



Using a Web Browser:
1. Navigate to the following URL: ftp://supportfiles:$grouplogic123$@mttransfer.acronis.com/Drop_off
2. Drag your uniquely named folder into the browser window

Using an FTP Client:
Server: mttransfer.grouplogic.com
Username: supportfiles
Password: $grouplogic123$
Navigate to the 'Drop_Off' folder, as this is the location to put files destined for support.