39955: Acronis Files Connect: Mac clients unable to see or write to directories

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Operating Systems: 

Last update: 13-07-2017


After upgrading from previous versions to 2.1.1x18 or v3.0x10, a Mac user mounts a volume using a NT domain account:
a) Some (or all) folder/files within the volume are not visible, even though the user has permissions in NT
b) User is unable to write or delete inside a folder where they have NT permissions

Steps to Reproduce:

Before upgrade to 2.1.1x18 or 3.0x10:
-Create a folder: [testfolder]
-Create a group on your domain [testgroup]
-Create a user on your domain [testuser]
-Assign [testuser] to [testgroup]
-Give [testgroup] read/write permissions to [testfolder]
-From a Mac client, mount [testfolder] as [testuser]

After upgrading to 2.1.1x18 or 3.0x10
-From a Mac client, mount [testfolder] as [testuser]
Results: [testuser] is unable to see the [testfolder]



Acronis Files Connect version 2.1.1x18 and 3.0x10 rely on the System account for various operations. A quick fix would be to give the System account full control on the root of the NTFS partition (see workaround). A better solution would be to upgrade to Version 2.1.1x19 or Versions 3.0.1x01 or higher.



Adding the System Account with Full Privileges to the root of an NTFS partition.
-Right click on the Partition and select [Properties]
-Under the [Securities] tab click [Add]
-Under [Look in: domain.com] select your domain
-Select [SYSTEMS] from the list and click [OK]
-Assign Full Control to the Systems account

*Warning incorrectly ordered permission errors will result in unknown problems. If this occurs, delete all names under the Security list EXCEPT [Administrators]. Then add the [Systems] name again, and any other names as needed.



Install Acronis Files Connect version 2.1.1x19
Install Acronis Files Connect version 3.0.1x01

Please contact Group Logic Technical support for these releases or if you need additional assistance.