39934: Authentication Failed When Server Declining Calls

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Last update: 07-04-2016


When attempting to connect to a remote MassTransit server, the following error message is reported:

Authentication Failed. The MassTransit server is declining calls from unknown MassTransit servers.

This message is displayed within a dialog box at connection time, and is reported in the MassTransit log.


This error message is generated when a MassTransit server receiving the call is configured to refuse connections from servers that have not previously placed calls with that server.

The option Decline calls from unknown MassTransit servers is located on the Special tab of the


To resolve this problem, the remote MassTransit server that is declining the calls (receiving side) must first establish the connection to the new MassTransit server.

First, an address book entry for the new server must be created on the server that is declining calls from unknown hosts. Once the address book entry is saved, that server should initiate a call to the new MassTransit server.

After the first call has been successfully placed, the new MassTransit server will have successfully authenticated, and is subsequently a 'known' server. All subsequent calls to the remote server should authenticate properly.