39927: Satellite Server Reports 'Hardware Key Not Found.'

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Last update: 07-04-2016


When attempting to launch a MassTransit Satellite Server, the following error message is reported: Missing Hardware Key. Following this error message, MassTransit refuses to launch.


This behavior may result from a missing or corrupt MassTransit configuration file. This file, MTCLIENT.CFG is required in order for a licensed satellite server to launch properly.

The MTCLIENT.CFG file is created on the MassTransit Professional or Enterprise server that the satellite server expects to interact with. This file must be distributed to the satellite server and must reside in the same directory as the MassTransit application (executable).

If this file is present, and the satellite server continues to report a missing hardware key, it is likely that the configuration file has become corrupt. As a result, the configuration file will need to be re-created and re-distributed to the satellite server. To accomplish this, the operator of the MassTransit Professional or Enterprise Server should follow this procedure:

1. Locate the address book entry that corresponds to the satellite server reporting the missing hardware key.
2. Highlight that address book entry, and select Build Client Installers from the File pull-down menu.
3. Make necessary adjustments on the Build client disk window that appears.
4. Click on the Build... file to generate the MTCLIENT.CFG file.
5. Distribute the newly generated MTCLIENT.CFG file to the remote satellite server.

NOTE: The MTCLIENT.CFG configuration file may become damaged if sent via FTP or as an email attachment. As a result, it is recommended that this file be compressed before it is sent via these methods.

6. The new MTCLIENT.CFG file should be placed within the directory that contains the MassTransit application.
7. Re-launch the satellite server to verify that the error has been resolved.