39921: Acronis Files Connect: How do I turn on or turn off debug logging?

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    Last update: 12-07-2017


    How do I turn on or turn off debug logging in Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP)?


    For Acronis Files Connect 3.x and earlier:

    With the Acronis Files Connect Administrator open, hold down CTRL+D while doing a right mouse click. You'll see the debugging information dialog screen. Select either Enable Logging or Disable Logging. Not all debugging keys are available in this window and Group Logic Technical Support may ask you to enable some additional debugging keys if warranted.

    Acronis Files Connect 4.x:

    Turning on debugging in Acronis Files Connect 4.x is accomplished by editing the Registry and then telling Acronis Files Connect to reread the registry. The keys are in:

    By default the service is set to only log errors at the "Warn" level. Debugging keys can either be turned on individually or the !GlobalDebugLogging key can be set to a higher level. The most commonly used levels are Warn, Info, and Debug. Because Acronis Files Connect only looks at the first letter of what you put in the registry, you can use W, I or D as appropriate. Although some of these setting will have little or no impact on performance anytime a key is set to a more verbose level than Warn, a message will appear in Acronis Files Connect Administrator saying debug logging is enabled.

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