39912: How does Acronis Files Connect use TCP/IP and Appletalk?

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Last update: 11-07-2017


How does Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) use TCP/IP and Appletalk?



Acronis Files Connect use of AppleTalk is limited to broadcast and service discovery functions (we also support SLP and Bonjour).

Since Apple's newer AFP protocol provides a big performance advantage over AppleTalk, Acronis Files Connect uses TCP/IP over AFP for file sharing activities. We support AFP v3.1 for Mac OS X clients and AFP v2.2 for Mac OS 9 clients.  

Note: AppleTalk was deprecated by Microsoft in Windows 2008. While Group Logic did write an AppleTalk stack for 2008, AppleTalk is not supported on Windows 2012.