39797: Can Acronis Files Connect work with files that are bigger than 2GB?

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Last update: 11-07-2017


Can Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) work with files that are bigger than 2GB?


Yes, but only from Mac OS X when using Acronis Files Connect 3.0 or later.

Apple does not support working with files larger than 2 GB on file servers except using AFP version 3.0 or higher, which is only available for Mac OS X clients. With Mac OS 9 it is not possible to work with files greater than 2GB if the files are located on a file server. While Apple did include support for large files in Mac OS 9, they did not revise the AFP protocol and client to support these large files (or any other features for that matter). The AFP 2 protocol versions still have a 32-bit offset in the various read, write and info commands, and there is no workaround for Mac OS 9.

Acronis Files Connect 3.0 and above support the AFP 3.1 protocol and thus allows you to work with files that are bigger than 2GB.