39787: FTP Fallback Configuration

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Last update: 16-09-2016


Since version 5.1 MassTransit has a feature that allows web client users connecting to the MassTransit MTWeb web interface to use FTP to transfer files. This is ideal in situations where the user is unable to install the MassTransit Web Client Plug-in, such as a public internet terminal, or, if connected using a slower connection, including dial-up or a wireless cellular modem.

Relying on the FTP protocol, the MassTransit FTP Fallback feature enables easy file transfers to and from MassTransit, but does not allow for the advanced functionality provided by the MassTransit Web Client Plug-in.


Please see the attached document for information on configuring the MassTransit FTP Fallback Feature for use with your MassTransit Enterprise Server installation.

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