39747: MassTransit TCP/IP Compression Guidelines

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Last update: 06-04-2016


Below are the general guidelines which may be used to determine the level of expected compression when utilizing MassTransit's lossless compression technology.


MassTransit uses industry-standard, lossless compression technology. [Note: MassTransit's compression technology is not proprietary.]

The level of compression which MassTransit provides will vary based on the type of file being transmitted.

The best way to determine compression benefits for specific workflows is to test the product with actual data and measure performance.

However, the following rules of thumb are useful in determining what customers can expect:

  • Compressed files (e.g. stuffed or zipped files or PDFs): no compression to minimal compression.
  • Native application files, low to medium resolution: 2:1 to 3:1
  • High resolution, uncompressed files (e.g. plate files): as much as 7:1