39741: Install MassTransit [Win] as a Service

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Last update: 07-04-2016


This document provides instructions for installing MassTransit to run as a Windows service.


MassTransit Enterprise, Professional, and Satellite server may be configured to execute as a Windows service.

  • Running MassTransit as a service provides many benefits, including the following:
  • Automatic start-up of MassTransit in the event of server failure.
  • Automatic start-up of MassTransit in the event of server reboot.
  • No user interaction with the Windows server desktop is required.

The MassTransit service is invoked through the mtservice.exe executable. This application is included with your MassTransit installer, and may be found in the MassTransit installation directory. The application recognizes three command line arguments that are preceeded by the '/' or '-' characters.

The recommended approach to installing MassTransit as a service is through the following command:
mtservice.exe /Service
This command will install MassTransit as a service. Following this, MassTransit should appear as 'MTSERVICE' in your Services control panel.

To administer MassTransit Enterprise when it is running as a service, the recommended approach is to use the Enterprise's web-based remote administration capabilities.

To administer MassTransit Pro or Satellite Server, you must stop the service and run the MassTransit application. After making the necessary changes, quit the application and re-start the service.