39739: Configuring MassTransit for Multiple TCP/IP Addresses (Multi-homing)

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Last update: 29-05-2020


Provides instructions on configuring MassTransit to work with multiple TCP/IP addresses (multi-homing) on both Macintosh and Windows.

For information about multi-homing on MassTransit 8, please refer to:



Normally MassTransit listens on all TCP/IP addresses, but it can be configured to use only specific addresses, or use different ports for different addresses.

Having MassTransit work with some TCP/IP addresses but not others is useful if you want to run a web server on the same machine as MassTransit and want both to handle traffic on the same port. This technique is also useful in some security configurations when using multiple network cards or Network Address Translation (NAT) behind a firewall.

The attached PDF document provides instructions on how to configure MassTransit to work with multiple TCP/IP addresses (multi-homing).

The document also describes how to configure Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X to support multi-homing.

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