39735: Web Client Users Repeatedly Prompted to "Enter Network Password"

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MassTransit web users may be repeatedly prompted to "Enter Network Password" when attempting to access a MassTransit file transfer website hosted by Microsoft IIS. This dialog may appear prior to the display of any MassTransit web content, and may repeatedly appear throughout the user's MassTransit web session.


Users attempting to access a MassTransit file transfer website hosted on Microsoft IIS may be prompted with a Windows authentication dialog if the MassTransit website permissions have not been configured to allow Anonymous access. As a result, a dialog box asking "Enter Network Password" may appear throughout the web session.

To resolve this behavior, Microsoft IIS must be configured to allow Anonymous access. To enable Anonymous access:

  1. Launch the Internet Information Services Management Console.
  2. Right-click on the MassTransit website instance and select the Properties option.
  3. Select the Directory Security tab on the Web Site Properties window that appears.
  4. Select the Edit button which corresponds to "Anonymous access and authentication control."
  5. Enable the "Anonymous access" option.
  6. Select the Edit button which corresponds to "Account used for anonymous access."
  7. Confirm that the Internet Guest User account is used when "Anonymous" users connect to the site.
  8. Select OK to register the changes.

(!) The Internet Guest User account begins with "IUSR_" and may also need to be enabled within the Users and Groups Management Console.

For information on how to enable Anonymous access on IIS 5, 6, or 7 for MassTransit 7 web sites, please refer to MTWeb page.


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