39732: WAM!Net File Name Restrictions

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MassTransit may report error messages when sending certain files to WAM!NET Address Book contacts. These files may contain illegal characters that are valid on Macintosh or Windows platforms.


WAM!NET has its own rules for valid filenames. When sending or receiving files via WAM!NET that have not followed WAM!Net rules, the files will not be transferred. Please check the WAM!NET user manual for complete information. To make certain that all files are successfully transferred, please follow these rules regarding file naming:

The following characters are valid in filenames:

  • A - Z
  • a - z
  • 0 - 9
  • space
  • ' ~ ! @ $ % ^ ( ) _ - = + , . < > ' " [ ] { } \ |

Do not use any characters that are made by holding down the Option or Option and Shift keys.Macintosh platforms will not accept filenames containing the colon ':' character.

Do not use the following characters at the beginning of a file or folder name:

  • period '.'
  • space ' '
  • dash '-'

Do not use the following characters at the end of a file or folder name:

  • equal sign '='

Do not use the following characters within the filename:

  • forward slash '/'
  • back slash '\' 


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