39730: Not Sending File .DS_Store. End of File

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Last update: 07-04-2016


During a MassTransit file transfer, the following error message may be encountered:

Error - Transfer - Not sending file .DS_Store. End of File.


MassTransit versions 4.1 and later have been designed to ignore Unix and Macintosh system files that begin with a period '.' character. Files beginning with a period character will not be included in MassTransit file transfers.

Some examples of these files include:

  • .HSResource
  • .HSIcon
  • .DS_Store

".DS_Store" files are used to store Macintosh Finder window positioning information, among other things, which are not preserved by MassTransit.

".HSResource", etc. files are created by non-Mac OS X Unix-based AppleShare IP servers, and thus are generally only visible to MassTransit for Windows when mounting the Unix volume using NFS or SAMBA. These files are currently not interpreted by MassTransit for Windows, and are thus ignrored. Macintosh clients will typically not see these files.