39640: Change the order files are sent with MassTransit

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This article describes how to change the order in which MassTransit sends files. The default is to send files by file size sending the smallest files first. In some work flows this is undesirable. For example, when sending a multiple jobs where each job consists of multiple files it may be desirable for each job's files to arrive together. For information on changing file transfer priorities in MassTransit Server 7, please refer to: http://docs.grouplogic.com/display/MassTransit/Transferring+Files#TransferringFiles-filesendingorder


MassTransit 4.0 and later can send files by the following orders:

  • size - MassTransit sends smallest files first
  • submission date - MassTransit sends files in the order the files are added to MassTransit
  • path - MassTransit sends files alphabetically based on the file paths

Configure the order files are sent for MassTransit 5.1.1 and later

To configure the order files are sent for MassTransit 5.1.1 and later, follow these steps:

  1. Shutdown the MassTransit Engine
  2. Edit the SEND_FILE_ORDER configuration in the MassTransit.cfg file located in the MassTransit Application directory by removing %% from the beginning of the line and setting SEND_FILE_ORDER to the desired value
    • To order files by size set the line to SEND_FILE_ORDER = 0
    • To order files by submission date set the line to SEND_FILE_ORDER = 1
    • To order files by path set the line to SEND_FILE_ORDER = 2
  3. Start the MassTransit Engine

The MassTransit Server will now send files in the order specified by the new configuration.

Configure the order files are sent for MassTransit 4.0 through MassTransit 5.1.0

To change the order files are sent for MassTransit versions 4.0 through 5.1.0 follow the detailed configuration instructions provided in the PDF referenced below

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