39637: Configuring MassTransit To Authenticate Against LDAP Organizational Units

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Last update: 07-04-2016


The directory services settings located within the MassTransitEngine.cfg file may be modified to search Organizational Units (OUs), as opposed to the default Active Directory "Users" folder.

This may be an optimal configuration for administrators that wish to create a "MassTransit Users" organizational unit, without impacting the standard "Users" folder.


The LDAP tree in which MassTransit Enterprise will search for directory objects may be modified to search Organizational Units. The following is a procedure to make the necessary modifications:

  • Open the MassTransitEngine.cfg configuration file, which resides within the MassTransit Enterprise installation directory.
  • Locate the configuration option: LDAP_SEARCH_BASE=CN=
  • Adjust the LDAP_SEARCH_BASE setting to reflect your custom Organizational Unit. For example:


NOTE: This configuration example reflects an Organizational Unit that resides within the root of the LDAP directory structure. If the Organizational Unit resides elsewhere, the OU= parameter will need to reflect the exact location of the OU within the tree.

The search base may actually contain any part of the directory tree. In such configurations, the AD Administrator must specify the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) without the DC= connection strings. For example: