39636: Acronis Files Connect: Ghosted Volumes cause problems with some Applications (Quark/Adobe)

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Last update: 13-07-2017


When using Quark, Adobe and other applications to edit files on the network problems such as the following may occur:

  • Application crashes when navigating to a location to save file
  • Application may hang
  • Linked images may not resolve

The problem may occur on one or several Mac clients but not all.

Steps to Reproduce:

see cause


If the Mac client has multiple references to a single Volume (Ghosted Volume) problems can occur whenever the Application attempts to resolve the network path for the Volume. To determine if you have a Ghosted Volume:

  • From the Mac client disconnect all network Volumes
  • Click Go
  • Select Connect to Folder
  • Type /Volumes to get to the Volumes Folder
  • At this point the Volumes folder should only contain local disks

In the case of Ghosted Volumes, you may see one or more folder names which represent disconnected network volumes. Example: You disconnect your Network Volume named "EZIP_Share" but continue to see multiple references in your Volumes directory.

  1. EZIP_Share
  2. EZIP_Share-1
  3. EZIP_Share-2

Such folders should be deleted automatically when the finder is restarted or the Mac is rebooted. In cases where these Ghosted Volumes are found you will need to delete such items manually.


see fix


Deleting Ghosted Volumes:

  • Navigate to the Volumes directory
    • Select Go
    • Select Connect to Folder
    • Type /Volumes
  • Drag any duplicate (ghosted) folders into the trash.

If the Mac OS will not allow you to drag the Ghosted Volumes to the trash, you can do remove them from the Terminal Application:

  • Open the Terminal Application
    • Select Applications.
    • Utilities.
    • Terminal.app
    • From the prompt (represented in bold), change to the Volumes directory.
      • macuser$ cd /Volumes
    • Use the ls command to list Volumes
      • /Volumes macuser$ ls
    • Use the umount command to delete all references to the Volume
      • /Volumes macuser$ umount EZIP_Share
      • /Volumes macuser$ umount EZIP_Share-1
      • /Volumes macuser$ umount EZIP_Share-2

If the Ghosted Volume is not removed for you by the umount command, try the command line remove from the /Volumes directory:

    • /Volumes macuser$ rm EZIP_Share-1


If you get an access denied result, run the command again as the local administrative account:

  • /Volumes macuser$ sudo rm EZIP_Share-1