39626: Acronis Files Connect: how do I provide feedback or report bugs to Apple?

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Last update: 12-07-2017


How do I provide feedback or report bugs to Apple?


If you believe that you have encountered a problem with an Apple product or want to suggest a change or new feature, take all three of the following actions.

  1. File an Apple Care Incident (those with Alliance contracts will get a lot of attention). Details on Apple Care can be found on Apple's Products & Services page or Apple's Mac OS X Server Software Support page.
  2. Tell your Apple account team so that the sales people understand the impact on sales of new Apple products and the field sales engineering teams know about the issue and can pass it up through their organization.
  3. File a bug with Apple's development team using their online Bug Reporter.

Please share as much information as possible with Group Logic so that we can feed the same information to our contacts at Apple.