39566: How do I uninstall the MassTransit Web Client Plug-In?

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Last update: 07-04-2016


How do I uninstall the MassTransit Web Client Plug-In?

For information on how to uninstall the MassTransit 7 Web Client Plug-In, please refer to Introduction page of the Web Client 7 User Guide.


To uninstall the MassTransit Web Client Plug-In, please follow these steps for the platform you are using. Microsoft Windows users can use the automated uninstallation application, which can be invoked from Add/Remove Programs on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, or, from Programs and Features on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. If the automated routine fails, these steps will manually remove the plug-in. Mac OS X does not have an automated uninstallation application.

Microsoft Windows

  • Quit all instances of the web browser, if any are open or running.
  • Quit the MassTransit Assistant application if it is running.
  • If using Mozilla Firefox, navigate to its plug-in folder and delete npActiveX.dll and npWebClient.dll. The path to the Mozilla Firefox plug-in folder is stored inside the Windows Registry inside HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox <Current Version>\Extensions\Plugins. The current Firefox version is stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Mozilla Firefox\CurrentVersion. In the majority of installations, this path points to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins\.
  • Delete the user-specific MassTransit Assistant data folder located in \Documents and Settings\<User Name>\Local Settings\Application Data\MassTransit Assistant (or \Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008) and its contents.
  • Unregister the Web Client ActiveX control and the MassTransit Assistant application by running the following command in the installation folder:regsvr32 -u WebClient.dllThe Web Client is installed into \WINDOWS\System32\GLI\MTWebClient.
  • Delete the install folder and its contents. NOTE: It is possible that CopyHook.dll will be locked and the system will be unable to delete it. In that case, rename CopyHook.dll to a different arbitrary name, reboot the system, and attempt to delete the install folder again.

Mac OS X

  • Quit the web browser if it is running.
  • Quit the MassTransit Assistant application if it is running.
  • Navigate to /Users/<User Name>/Applications and delete the MassTransit Web Client X folder and all its contents.
  • Navigate to /Users/<User Name>/Library/Internet Plug-Ins and delete MassTransit WC X.plugin and MassTransitWebClientX.plugin. NOTE: MassTransitWebClientX.plugin is only installed on Intel-based Macs.
  • Optional: Navigate to /Library/StartupItems and delete the MTStackTuner folder (if present). Administrative privileges are required to delete this component.