39535: How to Setup MassTransit to Auto-start on Mac OS X

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The MassTransit Engine is an application that runs under a specific user on Macintosh. Configuring the MassTransit 5.0 Engine to start automatically involves 2 steps. The first step is to setup a Mac OS X account to automatically login. After the account is set to automatically login, the second step is to add the LaunchMT5OnStartup application, available at the bottom of this page, to the Login Items for the user. The script assumes MassTransit is installed on a default directory, but this script is configurable.


To set up an automatic log on, perform the following steps:
1. Log in to the account you use to run MassTransit
2. Open the System Preferences application
3. Select the Accounts Tab
4. If necessary click the lock icon to enable changes
5. Click Login Options
6. If the "Automatically log in as" check box is already checked and the correct account is listed there, then you are done with this section and you can proceed to adding LaunchMT6OnStartup (or LaunchMT5OnStartup for MassTransit 5) to the Login Items below
7. Click the "Automatically log in as" check box
8. Select the current account from the "Automatically log in as:" menu and enter the password for the account in the resulting dialog
9. Click OK to confirm the account and password.

To add the LaunchMTOnStartup application to the Login Items perform the following steps:
1. Verify MySQL is running
2. Find the LaunchMT6OnStartup (or LaunchMT5OnStartup for MassTransit 5) application on your hard drive so that you will be able to add it to the Login Items
3. From the Accounts tab within the System Preferences, choose the account listed under "My Account"
4. Select the Login Items pane
5. Drag the LaunchMT6OnStartup (or LaunchMT5OnStartup for MassTransit 5) application to the Login Items pane.
Note: You may also want to set the server to restart automatically after a power failure. "Restart automatically after power failure" is available as an option in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences.

If MassTransit is not installed in the default location (/Applications/), follow these steps to configure the path:
1. Open the script in the Script Editor.
2. Modify the field labeled MTApplicationPath with the actual location of MassTransit in the User-Defined Constants section of the script.
3. Save and Quit.

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