39510: Reporting Support In MassTransit

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Last update: 30-04-2021


MassTransit 6.0 and later offers a new Reports feature through the MassTransit Web interface. Reports that are included for 6.0 are: Contact Expiration, Contact List, Contacts by Type, Database Analysis, Error Summary, Server Summary, Most Active Contacts by Bytes Transferred, Most Active Contacts by Files, Usage Details, Files Transferred by Contact and Usage by Contact. There are four additional reports in MassTransit 6.1 - File Summary, Bandwidth and Thruput Over The Last 24 Hours, MassTransit Performance Counters and Server Performance Over the Last 24 Hours.

As additional reports are released they will be made available through the MassTransit Latest Releases page:


For information on the reporting support in MassTransit Server 7 please refer to: Reports section in User Guide.


The reports feature allows contacts to see reporting information based on privileges that are granted from the MassTransit Administrator contact information settings. For contacts with reporting privileges the MassTransit Web interface will have a "Reports" tab.

To grant reporting privileges to a contact go to the MassTransit Administrator and to Contacts. Choose a web contact and "Edit" and click the "Security" tab. Under Web Privileges there is a new check box, "Allow User To Access Reports" and a Configure... button. Users can be allowed to view all reports, including server based reports, or can be restricted to contact-based reports.

The reports feature can be configured to report from a live MassTransit database, or a secondary copy of the database. The secondary database copy must have the same database schema as the live database. To configure reporting to work from a secondary database edit the information in the mtweb.ini file. If the secondary information is not filled in, or not valid, MassTransit Web will report using the live database server configuration.

Configure the following settings in the mtweb.ini file to specify the database for reporting:

# Name or address of the server with the MT database

REPORTING_DB_HOST = "localhost"
REPORTING_DB_NAME = "mtdatabase"

# User and password for accessing the MT database
REPORTING_DB_USER = "masstransit"

NOTE: The data used to generate reports is based on information gathered and stored in MassTransit 6.0 and later. There is no reporting coverage of information and data gathered previous to the installation of MassTransit 6.0.