39505: Configuring MassTransit 6.0 with Remote MySQL Databases

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Last update: 30-04-2021


MassTransit 6.0 supports having a MassTransit Server use a remote machine on the local area network for its MySQL databases. This article describes how to install and set up MassTransit with MySQL databases on a remote computer.

For information on how to configure MassTransit 7 with remote MySQL databases, please refer to Installing MassTransit and MySQL In Non-Default Locations.


Following these steps will setup your MySQL Server and MassTransit Server so that the MassTransit Server uses MySQL over the local area network.

MySQL Setup

Install MySQL as well the MySQL GUI tools on your MySQL Server. The recommended version is MySQL 5.0.42.

Follow these steps to allow your MassTransit Server to have access to your MySQL Server:

  1. Log into the MySQL Query Browser with your root account's local login information.
  2. Enter the following into the command field to allow your MassTransit Server root access to MySQL:GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'root'@'<REMOTE IP ADDRESS>' identified by '<PASSWORD>' WITH GRANT OPTION

    In the above statement, replace <REMOTE IP ADDRESS> with the MassTransit Server IP Address and replace <PASSWORD> with a new root password that will allow your MassTransit Server to connect during the Install MassTransit section described below.

Install MassTransit

Run the MassTransit 6.0 installer on your MassTransit Server (named InstallMT6Server.exe on Windows and "Install MassTransit Server6.app" on Mac).

At the "MySQL Settings" page enter the following information:

  1. In the Hostname field enter the MySQL Server's hostname or IP address.
  2. In the Port field enter the MySQL port number used (the default value is 3306).
  3. In the Username field enter masstransit.
  4. In the Password field, create a new password and enter it into the field. (NOTE: be sure to remember this password for future use)
  5. Check "Enable remote login for this account".
  6. In the "MySQL Root Password" field, enter the <PASSWORD> you created above in the MySQL Setup section.

Complete the MassTransit Server Installer as desired.

Now MassTransit will launch using the MySQL databases on the remote machine.