39503: Filtering Actions in MassTransit

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MassTransit 6.0 offers the capability to specify actions that trigger on file and log events to only run when the filename, pathname, or log text meet particular rules. This feature allows you to better tailor actions to your workflow with out of the box capabilities.


MassTransit can now trigger actions based on filters. For actions that trigger on file related events you can filter on filename and/or pathname. For actions that trigger on log related events you can filter based on the log message. Filters include: starts with, does not start with, contains, does not contain, ends with, does not end with.

Actions that trigger based on file related events include:

  • After Files Are Added
  • After Files Are Sent
  • Files Are Received
  • After A File is Processed
  • After Each File is Sent
  • After Each File is Received
  • Before Files Are Transmitted

Actions that trigger based on log related events include:

  • Connection Fails
  • File Transfer Fails
  • All Errors
  • Output Processing Fails


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