39488: Supported Email Notification Tokens For MassTransit

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Last update: 06-04-2016


MassTransit Email Notifications can be configured to include the contact name, contact email address, date, time, and file transfer information such as number of files, length of transfer, and size of transfer. Tokens can be used in email subject lines and body text. These tokens are replaced with live text when the email is generated.


The tokens are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as listed below.


Multiple tokens are also supported:


Subject and Message Body Token names:

ContactName [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
Date [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
Time [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
EventType [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
XferNumFiles [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
XferSize ;[MassTransit 5.0 or later]
XferXmitTime [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
WebLoginName [MassTransit 6.0 or later]
OriginatingContactName [MassTransit 7.0 or later]
OriginatingEmailAddress [MassTransit 7.0 or later]
LicenseExpirationDate [MassTransit 7.0 or later]
PasskeyTTLHours [MassTransit 7.0 or later]
Subject  [MassTransit 7.0 or later]

Message Body Only names:

OriginatingContactName [MassTransit 6.1.1 or later]
EmailAddress [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
OriginatingEmailAddress [MassTransit 6.1.1 or later]
XferFileList [MassTransit 5.0 or later]
FTPLink [MassTransit 6.0 or later]
FTPLink_passkey [MassTransit 6.0 or later]
HTTPLink [MassTransit 6.0 or later]
HTTPLink_passkey[MassTransit 6.0 or later]
PasskeyTTLHours&[MassTransit 6.1.1 or later]
Note[MassTransit 7.0 or later]
Message [MassTransit 7.1 and later. Replaces the use of Note.] XferFileListWithPath   [MassTransit 7.1 or later]

Note: For detailed information about the email notification tokens and actions in MassTransit 7, please refer to the following pages: Email Notification Tokens and Actions.