39388: Acronis Files Connect: Adobe InCopy does not properly handle file locks on network storage

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Last update: 13-07-2017

Within the application, Adobe InCopy performs file check-ins and check-outs to support multiple users working within a single document. When a segment of a document is checked out, it is given a file lock, which can be seen on the server as an .IDLK file. The idea behind this is that all client computers will be watching for these lock files, see them, and both display and honor them when access is requested from another individual.

In testing, we have found this functionality to be problematic on network shares. The results of our testing three different workflows follow:

  • Windows server using SMB: Lock files are created, but do not display and are not honored by the software. For example, UserA begins editing a segment of an InCopy (or InDesign) document using InCopy, UserB will be able to go in and make edits to that segment as well. This will result in data integrity issues.
  • Mac OS X server using AFP: Same behavior as SMB above, but after unknown periods of time, the locks may display inside the InCopy software, but still are not honored.
  • Windows server using Acronis Files Connect for AFP: Locks are always honored, but only display intermittently.