39377: Customizing the mobilEcho enrollment invitation email template

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Last update: 18-03-2014


The mobilEcho Client Management system is used to manage your mobilEcho clients' access to your mobilEcho servers and to configure mobilEcho client security and application settings. Users are added to the client management system using a PIN number that is included in an invitation email sent by the mobilEcho Client Management server. mobilEcho uses a default template for this email. If you would like to customize the contents of this email, you can edit the files containing these templates.

Important Note - edited templates are not updated automatically by future mobilEcho version upgrades

If you manually edit the email template files, they will not be updated automatically when you install future versions of mobilEcho on your server. We recommend you replace your email template files with the originals, or simple rename your edited versions before upgrading mobilEcho server, so that the new versions will be installed if necessary. Once installation completes, you can view the new template files and make any necessary changes, or simply go back to using your old custom templates if appropriate. The mobilEcho invitation email templates were last updated in September 2012 in mobilEcho 4.0.2.

Editing the email templates

There are two invitation email templates: one in HTML format and one in plain text format. Both are included in the invitation email sent to your users. Normally users should see the HTML version, but in the case that their email client does not support HTML, they will see the plain text version. These files are located in a folder within the mobilEcho Server program directory on the mobilEcho Client Management server. The location of this folder is typically: C:\Program Files\Group Logic\mobilEcho Server\ManagementUI\app\views\user_mailer\ In the "user_mailer" folder are two files: invite.html.erb invite.txt.erb These files can be customized with any valid HTML or plain text. It is recommended that you make a backup copy of the original files before you edit them. There are 4 variables that can be used within these files. Ensure that you continue to include these variables in your template, as the are necessary for the client enrollment process.

Available Variables

User's email address:      <%= @invitation.email %>
User's PIN:      <%= @invitation.pin %>
Management server address:      <%= @management_server_address %>
PIN expiration date:      <%= @expiration %>
mobilEcho URL:      <%= @url %>
Username:      <%= @invitation.user %>

Editing the email subject

The enrollment email subject can be customized in the ‘mobilEcho_management.cfg’ file.

Required service restart to apply changes

Once you've finished editing the invitation email template files, a restart of the mobilEcho Management service is required in order for the changes to take effect. This can be done from the Windows Services control panel.