39376: Backup and restore of iOS devices running mobilEcho

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Last update: 04-04-2016

Versions 3.5, 3.5.1, and 3.5.2 of the mobilEcho iOS app use an encrypted database to manage the files stored within the mobilEcho app's on-device storage. The information required to access this database is stored in the iOS keychain. For security reasons, mobilEcho's keychain items are not restored to the new device during the backup and restore process.

When this method of backup and restore to a new device is performed with a device that has mobilEcho 3.5, 3.5.1, or 3.5.2 installed and configured, the keychain item required to open the encrypted file database is not restored to the new device. This causes mobilEcho to be unable to access the restored file database and the on-device files it manages.

A workaround for this limitation of the 'backup and restore to new device' process will be included in mobilEcho 3.5.3, and all future versions of mobilEcho.

To work around this mobilEcho / iOS backup and restore situation:

1. Backup any needed local files to a server-based location before moving to your new device.

When Backing up and restoring you should get the files in "My Files" preserved if the management profile allows. Sync content will be re-downloaded. Files in the Inbox will not be preserved.

  • If you have already restored to a new device using a standard iTunes backup and restore process, mobilEcho will not function properly on the new device and will not include the on-device files from your old device. If you still have your old device, you will need to use that device to save your files to a server-based location, so they can be downloaded to mobilEcho on your new device.

2. Remove mobilEcho from the new device, reinstall, and reconfigure.

  • Tap and hold the mobilEcho app icon. Once it appears, tap the "X" in the corner of the app icon to remove the app.
  • Visit the App Store and install mobilEcho again: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobilecho/id429704844?mt=8
  • Add your mobilEcho server(s) within the app, or if you are using a managed mobilEcho client, request a new enrollment invitation from your IT administrator and follow the included instructions to reenroll your mobilEcho client app. This enrollment process will reconfigure all the servers and folders that you previously had access to.
  • You can now copy the files you backed up to the server back down to the new device using the mobilEcho app.