39375: Setting the minimum allowed mobilEcho client version on a mobilEcho server

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Last update: 04-04-2016


Each mobilEcho file server contains a minimum client version setting. If a client earlier than this version attempts to connect to the mobilEcho server, it will receive a notice that it doesn't meet the minimum version requirement and will be refused connection. When mobilEcho is first installed, this minimum client version is set to the earliest version that is compatible with the mobilEcho server. If the server is later upgraded to a new version of the mobilEcho file server software, this minimum client version setting will be modified only if necessary for compatibility, which usually won't be the case.

Setting the minimum client version

If you would like to set the minimum client version that you allow to connect to you mobilEcho server, you can do so by editing this registry key:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\mobilEcho\ Parameters4\Refreshable\Pez\MinimumClientVersion

The version number entered in this registry key needs to match the version number as it appears in the mobilEcho client app's settings menu. For example, the minimum client version number for mobilEcho 2.X and 3.X servers to date is:

Deployments with multiple mobilEcho server

If you have multiple mobilEcho servers, you will need to set this registry key on each server if you would like the minimum client version requirement enforced by each server. Alternatively, if you're using the mobilEcho Client Management system to centrally manage your clients, you can set this setting on just the server that is acting as the client management server. Since all your clients call home to this server, they will be denied access the next time they do and will be prompted that they need to upgrade their client app.

Clients not meeting the minimum version requirement will not receive updated profiles or remote wipe commands

If you set the minimum client version setting on your mobilEcho Client Management server, any existing managed clients that are running an earlier version of the mobilEcho app will no longer be able to communicate with the server to receive updated management profiles or remote wipe commands. If you need to remote wipe a client running an older version of the mobilEcho app, you will need to modify this setting so that it's allowed to communicate with the server.