39372: Home Directory support when a mobilEcho server is running on a non-default port

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Last update: 04-04-2016

mobilEcho clients connect to mobilEcho servers on port 443 by default.

If the mobilEcho server that contains your home directory shared volume(s) is configured to use a port other than 443, you will need to create a Network reshare path mapping that points to the correct mobilEcho server and share on the correct port. This will allow the mobilEcho client to know to connect to the server on the non-default port.

Normally you only need a Network reshare path mapping if your mobilEcho home directory shared volume(s) are network reshare volumes that point to SMB file share on other servers. But when running mobilEcho on a non-default port, a Network reshare path mapping will be necessary, even if your home directory share is located directly on local storage on your mobilEcho server.

In this case a path mapping is necessary to translate an AD home directory SMB path like "\\fileserver.company.com\sharename" to the correct mobilEcho path "\\fileserver.company.com:444\sharename". The correct port just needs to be appended to the server's name or IP address when you add the server to the mobilEcho Client Management server list.