39371: Acronis Files Connect: Event Viewer message reporting "Long delays processing Mac client commands have been detected."

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Symptom: Event Viewer message reporting "Long delays processing Mac client commands have been detected. This could be an indication of a server hardware or operating system problem. Please see the following knowledge base article for further information"

Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) is designed to log this event whenever Windows fails to respond to a request for more than 300 seconds. When this hang threshold is hit, Acronis Files Connect will produce a dmp file (default setting) in order to trap forensic info about the state of the thread and types of requests leading into the stall.

There are two types of stalls:

1) Stalls that never complete: Here you will find the Acronis Files Connect service may have hung or that the entire server operating system may have hung of the Disk is no longer available to the Windows OS. Details to solve and prevent this problem can be found here: http://kb.acronis.com/content/39356

2) Stalls that eventually complete after 300+ seconds: Here one or more threads stall in the Windows Kernel, but eventually recovers after 300+ seconds. In most cases the underlying problem is related to outdated firmware/drivers, a poorly written kernel driver, resource constraints (bottlenecks) or poor disk health.

If you would like us to review your logs to see if we can help narrow down the problem, please open a support case and upload supporting files as described below:

- Open a support case online (include description/observations): http://support.grouplogic.com/request

- An automated email will be sent back to you with a case number so that you can upload the following files to our support site:

a) Acronis Files Connect Logs folder: Right-click the folder C:\Program Files\Acronis\Files Connect\Logs (or C:\Program Files\Group Logic\ExtremeZ-IP\Logs in older versions) and select Send To --> Compressed Folder

b) any dump files (*.dmp) you find in: C:\Program Files\Acronis\Files Connect

c) Generate a System Information report: At Start --> Run, type msinfo32 to launch the tool. Then select File --> Save to save the .nfo file.

d) Export application and system event logs as evt/evtx file

Zip the above files as case#.zip and upload using a browser:

User: supportfiles
Password: $grouplogic123$

Note: If you are not running the latest version of Acronis Files Connect, please upgrade as the latest release may provide better diagnostics/logging: http://support.grouplogic.com/ezlatest


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