39365: How can I change the location of activEcho's FileStore?

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Last update: 04-04-2016


How can I move the activEcho FileStore to a non-default location?




In our example we will use a FileStore running on the default port of 5787 located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Group Logic\activEcho Server\FileStore” and we will be changing it to be located at “E:\activEcho Data\FileStore” but keep the port the same.


Note: You may want to check what port the FileStore is currently using before changing the location of the filestore. In the activEcho web interface, go the Settings tab and find the FileStore repository service setting (e.g. from which you can verify the current port number (e.g. 5787).


To change the location of activEcho's FileStore, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop the “activEcho Repository” service.
  2. Stop the “Apache Tomcat” service.
  3. Copy or move the entire FileStore folder with all its contents to the target point E:\MyCustom Folder\FileStore
  4. Open a Command Prompt window.
  5. Change Directory to the activEcho Server directory
    cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Group Logic\activEcho Server” 
  6. Run the following command to set the new location and port for the filestore:
    aE_Config.bat "E:\activEcho Data\FileStore" 5787
  7. Wait for the command to complete. It takes 2 or 3 seconds.
  8. Start “activEcho Repository” service.
  9. Start “Apache Tomcat” service.
  10. Test that you can still download files from the activEcho server using a web browser.