39359: Acronis Files Connect has detected an incompatible version of the Bonjour Service

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Last update: 13-01-2022


Acronis Files Connect (formerly ExtremeZ-IP) optionally uses Bonjour service advertisements to allow macOS computers to browse to Acronis Files Connect AFP services in the Finder sidebar and print queues in the Printers & Scanners "Add" dialog.


  • Determine if Bonjour integration is required. It's not needed for actually making connections, it simply allows browsing to resources without having to enter a server address. The most common reason this integration is not required is that, by default, Bonjour service advertisements will not be visible to macOS computers if those macOS computers are in a different subnet than the Acronis Files Connect server. As an alternative, we recommend the use of the Acronis Files Connect Mac Client app, as described here
    If Bonjour is not required, you can set Acronis Files Connect not to use it. In the Acronis Files Connect Administrator utility, click the Settings button. Select the Service Discovery tab and uncheck both the File and Print checkboxes for Bonjour.
  • If Bonjour service advertisements are required and you have another software package that also uses Bonjour, you will first need to determine if your other software package is compatible with a newer version of Bonjour, so you can consider updating Bonjour.
  • As far as we know at this time, to install the current version of Bonjour for Windows, you need to install iTunes for Windows. That will install a newer version of Bonjour for Windows, along with Apple Software update. At that point, you have the option to uninstall iTunes, leaving Bonjour and Apple Software Update which can be used to update Bonjour as needed.

If these options do not resolve the issue, please open a new support case here.