38327: Acronis Backup: Events in Application Event Log of Windows

    Last update: 18-11-2022

    Description of Windows Event Log errors for Acronis Backup 11.7

    Acronis Backup can generate events in Windows Application Event Log, when Windows event log tracing is enabled.

    Acronis Backup events on Windows Server OS have the following structure:

    Event Source: Acronis Backup Agent Core
    Event Category: (249)
    <== MODULE_ID
    Event ID: 1
    Date: 12/10/2012
    Time: 2:53:25 AM
    User: N/A
    Computer: SDKPC1
    Error code: 6
    <== ERROR_CODE
    ASYNC: Exception has occurred during operation '{0}' <== DESCRIPTION or ERROR_BAD_PATH message if description for that error is missing.

    For the PCs with client OS MODULE _ID will appear in the Event ID field since there will be no Event Category.

    Here you can check the list of Windows Event Log errors for Acronis Backup.

    More information

    This functionality is planned for future versions of Acronis Backup 12.5 and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.