38222: Acronis Backup & Recovery: Protecting Oracle Database on Windows

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  1. Database mode:
    • In ARCHIVELOG mode the log_writer service puts information about operations (queries, commits, transactions) to a special online log file. In this mode you can recover the database to a specified time (e.g. using Oracle RMAN).
    • In the NOARCHIVE mode you cannot do hot (online) backup, because the database cannot be opened for backup and regular operations simultaneously.
    • Checking the mode in which the database is running:
      1. In SQL*Plus run SQL request SELECT LOG_MODE FROM V$DATABASE;
      2. Check the output for the mode flag:


  2. Starting the SQL*Plus and passing the script:
    • SQLPLUS system/<password> as sysdba @script.sql
  3. ARCHIVELOG database mode:
    • VSS backup (ARCHIVELOG):


      1. Suitable for:
        • Oracle 10g with patch set and above;
        • Oracle 11g and higher in ARCHIVELOG mode on Windows.


      2. It is recommended to use Microsoft Software VSS Provider (default).
      3. During image backup, writers will be notified to ensure application consistency.
      4. If the database files persist on multiple volumes, ensure that Multivolume snapshot is activated.
    • There are three other ways of doing it:
      1. Put the system in suspend/resume mode (SQL*Plus):

        ALTER SYSTEM SUSPEND (pre command)
        ALTER SYSTEM RESUME (post command)

      2. Put all tables in hot backup mode (SQL*Plus):

        ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP (pre command)
        ALTER DATABASE END BACKUP (post command)

      3. Do a crash-consistent backup. Open resetlogs will be required.
  4. NOARCHIVELOG offline backup (if the database in this running mode, only cold backup is available):
    • The only possible solution is to stop the database before the backup and start after using pre/post commands
    • To put the database offline and make it ready for backup, call in SQL*Plus (make it pre-backup command)


    • To start the database instance after the backup (post-backup command):


    • Resetlogs: After the restore of the database files, you can be required to open in resetting logs (SQL*Plus):


  5. Additional reading:
  6. Features compatibility table for database backup:


    System Acronis Backup & Recovery Oracle RMAN
    Database mode VSS Hot (online) backup Cold (offline) backup Hot (online) backup Cold (offline) backup
    ARCHIVELOG + + + + +
    - - + + +
    NOARCHIVELOG Irrelevant* - + - +

*VSS plays no role in the NOARCHIVELOG mode.

More information

See also Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5.



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