37731: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: The Algorithm of Automatic Password Generation for Acronis Users

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During installation of Acronis Backup components you can use default users (e.g. 'Acronis Agent User'). Passwords for such users are randomly generated during installation. These passwords are stored in the same way that Windows stores all other user passwords.

This is how the automatic password generation works:

  1. The password is generated randomly using 'std::rand()'. In a loop, Acronis generates a string of random symbols until it meets the password requirements.
  2. The length of the password for 'Acronis Agent User', 'AMS User', 'ASN User' is 18. It contains at least one symbol in the upper case, at least one in the lower case and at least one digit.
  3. The password is used to create a user with the 'NetUserAdd' function from Netapi32.lib. So The password is stored in the same way that Windows stores all other user passwords.
    (!) The password is not stored anywhere else.
  4. If the password is changed, you should go to the Windows services panel (Start-Run -> services.msc) and change the password for the corresponding service to the new password.




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