37048: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7/11.5: Failed to Recover Storage Group or Database with Error "The Path Cannot Be the Root Directory."

Recovery of an MS Exchange storage group or database fails with error "The path cannot be the root directory.”. To work around use, a directory other than root


You attempt to restore an Exchange database and run a restore operation similar to the following one:

  1. You want to restore your database (e.g. MyDB1) in recover storage group;
  2. Select archive from local folder C:\Backups;
  3. Select for recovery MyDB1;
  4. Select Custom -> Recovery database option as recovery destination;
  5. Select Mount recovered databases: Mount;
  6. Select Logs path: E:\ ;
  7. Leave other settings as default;
  8. When executing this recovery task, you will receive an error similar to the following one:

Message: PowerShell error details: Cannot bind parameter 'LogFolderPath'. Cannot convert value "E:\" to type "Microsoft.Exchange.Data.NonRootLocalLongFullPath". Error: "The path cannot be the root directory."

EventCode: 0x005B012D+0x005B0423+0x005B03FA+0x005B03E9+0x005B03EA


This is limitation of this operation. The path to choose cannot be the root directory.


To work around this issue, please choose a directory other than root.