36679: Acronis Snap Deploy: Incorrect Error "Deployment Has Failed" after Deployment from External Network Via VPN Connect Using Multicast Option

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Last update: 17-01-2019

After deploying via VPN from external network, using multicast option, you get an incorrect error "Deployment failed". You can safely ignore this message


  1. Connect via VPN to internal network with client machine;
  2. Boot Acronis Snap Deploy Agent from Linux boot media on target machine;
  3. Connect the Agent to the Acronis Snap Deploy Deployment Server;
  4. Create a deployment template using multicast network utilization and start the deployment process manually;
  5. After the deployment is finished, you will get an error similar to this:

Deployment has failed


This is an issue in product.


If the deployment was successful and the machine is starting, then you safely can ignore this message.

To work around this issue, you can use unicast network utilization instead of multicast or use an Acronis Snap Deploy Deployment Server inside the same network.