3643: Acronis True Image Home 2010: Creating Acronis Secure Zone Fails with "Disk is not found" after Applying Try&Decide Changes

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Last update: 16-09-2009

After applying Try&Decide changes reboot the computer before creating Acronis Secure Zone with allocating space for it from system partition

This article applies to:


  1. You turn on the Try&Decide mode in Acronis True Image Home 2010;
  2. Then you turn the Try&Decide mode off and choose to apply the changes without reboot:

  3. Then you try to create Acronis Secure Zone and allocate space for it from your system partition:

  4. This operation involves resizing of your system partition and requires a reboot to complete:

  5. After rebooting, Acronis True Image Home 2010 errors out with the Disk is not found error message:

  6. No Acronis Secure Zone is created.


When you select to apply the Try&Decide changes without rebooting, the feature is formally not deactivated.

Try&Decide gets fully deactivated (if you turn it off) on the first reboot, which is required to fully restore the initial MBR. If creation of Acronis Secure Zone requires a reboot and is also scheduled on the same reboot as the deactivation of Try&Decide, then the latter operation will override the former and creation of Acronis Secure Zone will fail.


Create Acronis Secure Zone after rebooting the machine.

More information

In future there will be implemented a notification that a system restart is required if you are going to create Acronis Secure Zone after applyng Try&Decide changes without a reboot.

See also Using Try&Decide in Acronis True Image Home 2010.