36263: Acronis vmProtect 7 (Windows Agent only): Scheduled Tasks Fail to Run If There Is No User Logged On into Windows

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Acronis vmProtect tasks created while running vmProtect as Windows Agent fail to run if there is no user logged on. This Article describes the symptoms and typical solutions to this issue

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 7


You install Acronis vmProtect 7 as Windows Agent and schedule a backup task;

At the time when the task should be executed there is no user logged into Windows where Acronis vmProtect 7 Windows Agent is installed;

The task fails with the following errors in the log file (note the line in bold):

An error has occurred while executing command 'run_task'.
A Acronis vmProtect 7.0 Task Manager error has occurred.
Failed to run a task with ID '7030FB88-82E9-48C7-8E6D-59BB2B3E1B3E'.
Failed to run the task with ID '7030FB88-82E9-48C7-8E6D-59BB2B3E1B3E' (run now).
Failed to run now: error occurred while scheduling the task run request.
Cannot run the task because the task requires a user to be logged on.


(!) The issue persists only for Acronis vmProtect 7 Windows Agent -based installations.

The root cause here is that the scheduled task requires some user context to be running under. In Acronis vmProtect 7 the tasks are executed under the user who created this task, i.e. the user who logged into Acronis vmProtect 7 Web Console. If there is no user logged into the system then the task run fails. This is an issue in Acronis vmProtect 7 scheduling module.


This issue is fixed in Acronis vmProtect 8 where the tasks are scheduled to run through the user account under which the Acronis vmProtect Managed Machine Service (VMMS) service is running. The additional scheduling architecture changes now do not require any user to be logged on into Windows to enable the tasks running.

As a workaround for Acronis vmProtect 7 you can leave some user logged into Windows, i.e. instead of logging off, just lock the desktop (Win key+L).

More information

Please make sure that you do not run Acronis True Image Home on the same machine where you run Acronis vmProtect 7/8 Windows Agent. There is a known conflict in scheduling module between these two products. This issue will be fixed in one of the nearest updates for both Acronis vmProtect 8 and True Image 2013.