36196: Acronis vmProtect 8: Incorrect Recovery Point Order and Sizes After Upgrading from Acronis vmProtect 6/7

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Last update: Wed, 2013-04-10 06:54

After upgrading from Acronis vmProtect 7 to Acronis vmProtect 8, recovery points are listed in incorrect order by default in the Recovery wizard. The Acronis vmProtect 7 recovery points are selected by default instead of Acronis vmProtect 8 recovery points even if they are newer. This happens if user continues backing up to archive created with Acronis vmProtect 7. This is a UI issue only. Recovery can be done from any recovery point regardless of which version of Acronis vmProtect was used to create them. Another problem is that first backup with Acronis vmProtect 8 into archive created by Acronis vmProtect 7 will be full one due to the same reasons. The subsequent backups will be incremental ones.

This article applies to:

  • Acronis vmProtect 8


After upgrading from vmProtect 6/7 to vmProtect 8 and using the same backup plans and archive locations, the displayed order of recovery points is not correct, i.e. when you run the Recovery wizard the recovery point selected by default may not be the latest one.

The latest recovery point created with vmProtect 7 is selected by default when you select a VM for recovery. However you can choose the newer recovery points created by vmProtect 8 if you click on the link of recovery points selection (see the 1st example screenshot).

The size of the new recovery point created by vmProtect 8 into existing old archive matches the size of full backup.

In this example screenshot you can see the last automatically chosen recovery point is created with vmProtect 7 from 9/11/2012:

In this example screenshot the recovery point from 8/25/2012 (the first one made with vmProtect 7) comes right before the last one made with vmProtect 8 (10/05/2102):

(!) In addition, the size of the first new vmProtect 8 backup is not incremental but full one. 


This is a GUI issue + problem with 1st full backup after upgrade. All operations with archives will work correctly.

This issue is caused by the differences in architecture of handling archives and recovery points in vmProtect 7 and vmProtect 8.


You can use one of the following workarounds to solve this issue:

  • Set the retention rules so that all recovery points of archives created with vmProtect 7 are deleted. After this action, the remaining recovery points from vmProtect 8 will be selected by default correctly.
  • Start a new backup to a new archive in vmProtect 8. The recovery points created by vmProtect 8 in new archives are displayed correctly.

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