36187: Windows activation required after restore with Acronis Universal Restore, cloning or converting backup to virtual machine

Last update: 20-04-2021

Windows activation is required after restore using Acronis Universal Restore or converting a windows based partition backup to different hardware or virtual environment. This is not an Acronis issue. It is a Windows native functionality.

This article applies to:

  • All Acronis products


  1. You have created a backup from Windows based operating system using Acronis software;
  2. You are using Acronis Universal Restore as a part of the restoring process to dissimilar hardware, cloning the system partition, or converting this backup to a new virtual machine;
  3. After booting this system, the Windows activation message is displayed:


This Windows system detects that the hardware layer was changed and asks to reactivate the license.


It is a native functionality of the Windows operating system. Please refer to Microsoft documentation to get information on how to activate your Windows license(s).