36175: Acronis Backup for VMware: Collecting Logs for Cloud Backup Issues

Last update: 29-04-2021


To troubleshoot cloud backup issues, you will need to troubleshoot the connection from your ESX(i) host to Acronis Datacenter.


Please collect following information:

  1. Connect to Virtual Appliance on ESX(i) host;
    1. Go to the Console tab, click into the console window and press CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-SPACE-F1 to enter the command line mode (If CTRL-SHIFT-ALT-SPACE-F1 takes you to black screen with blinking cursor then press Alt-F2 to get #prompt);
    2. Run the ping command using addresses from Acronis Online Backup Access Ports and Hostnames;
      Use command line like this (e.g. EMEA region):
      ping -w 50 cloud-rs-eu1.acronis.com > /var/lib/Acronis/cloud-rs-eu1.acronis.log
      ping -w 50 cloud-fes-eu1.acronis.com > /var/lib/Acronis/cloud-fes-eu1.acronis.log
      ping -w 50 rpc.acronis.com > /var/lib/Acronis/rpc.acronis.log
    3. To collect network interface info, type:
      ifconfig -a > /var/lib/Acronis/ifconfig.log
    4. Run the tracert command using addresses from Acronis Online Backup Access Ports and Hostnames;
      Use command line like this (e.g. EMEA region):
      traceroute -i eth0 cloud-rs-eu1.acronis.com 55556 > /var/lib/Acronis/trace-cloud-rs-eu1.acronis.log
      traceroute -i eth0 cloud-fes-eu1.acronis.com 44445 > /var/lib/Acronis/trace-cloud-fes-eu1.acronis.log
      traceroute -i eth0 rpc.acronis.com 443 > /var/lib/Acronis/trace-rpc.acronis.log
    5. Run tcpdump report;
      1. You can use WinSCP utility for uploading and downloading information from and to the virtual appliance. You can download it from this url: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php
      2. The tcpdump utility for linux you can download from here
      3. Copy the tcpdump utility using WinSCP to the virtual appliance (for example, create a new folder in /tmp and copy the utility into this folder);
      4. Apply the necessary rights to the utility:
        #chmod +x tcpdump
      5. Start logging of tcpdump utility:
        #tcpdump -i eth0 -s 64 port 443 and port 44445 -w /var/lib/Acronis/tcpdump.pcap
      6. Reproduce the issue
      7. Stop logging of tcpdump utility:
        1. Find the process [pid]: #ps | grep "tcpdump"
        2. Kill the process: #kill -9 [PID]
      8. Download the created dump from /var/lib/Acronis using WinSCP.
      9. Collect the logs via View -> Show Logs -> switch to dynamic Logs tab -> Save All To File