36097: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: SMB Share Not Accessible When NFS Share with Same Name Exists

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You have defined an SMB and NFS share with same name. From Acronis Backup you can only access the NFS Share. Rename one of both to access both. 


  • You have defined a share using SMB as e.g. myshare on Server;
  • You have defined a share using NFS as e.g. myshare on Server;
  • You try to access via UNC path \\server\myshare;

Only the NFS share with the name myshare is used and you cannot choose SMB share;


As both shares have the same UNC path only the NFS share is used.


Rename one of the shares, so that they have different names.

The problem does not occur in live Linux operating system and in a Linux-based Rescue Media with Linux representation mode.



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