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vmFlashback is the fast restore mode that recovers only the blocks that have been changed on the original VM

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  • Acronis vmProtect 8


VmFlashback (aka Incremental Restore) is a restore mode that checks and restores only the blocks that have been changed on the original VM instead of restoring all the data over the virtual machine.

This allows for 10 to 100 times faster recovery with minimized impact on network traffic.

vmFlashback uses Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology, which VMware developed specifically for backup and recovery operations. CBT identifies the disk sectors altered by comparing special change set IDs. Virtual disk block changes are tracked from outside virtual machines, in the virtualization layer.

  • When creating a backup, Acronis vmProtect 8 requests CBT for change set ID as a part of snapshotting.
  • When a restore is required, Acronis vmProtect 8 requests CBT to provide the list of changed disk sectors through comparing change set ID from the snapshot and change set ID of the current state of the virtual disk.

To activate vmFlashback, check the User incremental restore checkbox in the restore wizard:

More information

(!) vmFlashback can be used only if the recovery is performed over the original VM that has been used to create a backup. In case the recovery is set up to a new location or the original VM is missed, a full recovery will be performed.

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