35742: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Importing the Converted Virtual Machine Files to VMware ESX Server

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Last update: 04-09-2019

This article describes how to import a converted virtual machine into ESX Host

Rather than converting a TIB file to a virtual disk file, which requires additional operations to bring the virtual disk into use, Acronis Backup performs the conversion by recovery of a disk backup to a fully configured and operational new virtual machine. You have the ability to adapt the virtual machine configuration to your needs when configuring the recovery operation.

With Acronis Agent for Windows or Agent for Linux, you can create a new virtual machine in a local or network folder. You can start the machine using the respective virtualization software or prepare the machine files for further usage. The following steps shows how to import a converted TIB file into VMware ESX(i) Host manually.

After you have converted the backup to Virtual Machine files and saved them locally or on network share, please follow the steps below to import those files to VMware ESX enviroment.

(!) While converting the backup to a VMware Virtual Machine, select the "Save the Virtual Machine as a set of files" option, if you choose to create a new machine.

The resulting virtual machine format is VMware Workstations 6.5 compatible.


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