35697: Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Importing Converted Virtual Machine to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Platform

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Last update: 04-09-2019

Once you have converted your backup archive into a virtual machine, you can import this manually to your Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Environment. See Acronis Backup 11.7/11.5: Converting Backup Archive of a Windows System to a Virtual Machine.

  1. First you should have your prepared and converted backup archive. If this step is not done, please see the instructions from Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5 : Converting Backup Archive of a Windows System to a Virtual Machine.
  2. The converted files will be stored in a folder (default /var/lib/) which will be in the format below:
    e.g.: /e40cb9f8-23d9-4015-9551-bd41aa46c269/
  3. Launch RHEV administration console -> Storage -> Export domain -> NFS export path

    (!) Exploring nfs export path on the host machine, you will find the files of existing VMs.
    e.g.: /nfsexport/0db15750-f3ee-406e-92d1-d9cb60fac1b2/images

  4. Move the converted file from Step 1 to the location which you found in Step 3.
    • You can use a tool like winscp to access the file:

    • Or use the command similar to the following one to move the file:

      scp -r e40cb9f8-23d9-4015-9551-bd41aa46c269/ root@domain:/nfsexport/0db15750-f3ee-406e-92d1-d9cb60fac1b2/images

  5. Launch RHEV administration console and click Storage -> Export (Refresh the list from VM Import tab):

  6. Select the new virtual machine and right-click on Import:

    (!) It will take few minutes to import the new virtual machine.

  7. Once it is ready, you can turn on the new virtual machine.


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