35411: Acronis Snap Deploy 4: Automating Standalone Deployment

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Last update: 11-09-2012

Create a custom Windows PE image with deployment script using asdcmd tool

This article applies to:

  • Acronis Snap Deploy 4


This article describes how to automate a standalone deployment and use custom scripts under WinPE.


To automate a standalone deployment, a custom script should be used running under the WinPE, as the Acronis Snap Deploy 4 Standalone Utility does not allow using deployment templates:

  1. Create a script using Acronis Snap Deploy 4 command-line syntax. Please see a sample script for automated image deployment.
  2. Mount a WinPE.wim file in ImageX application:

    imagex /mountrw c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim 1 c:\winpe_x86\mount

  3. More information about creating a custom WinPE Image can be found in this Technet article.
  4. Add the created script to the WinPE.wim file. Create a Winpeshl.ini file with the following structure:


    Where wpeinit.exe is the name of your script placed into the %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 folder on your mounted Windows PE image. And put the Winpeshl.ini into the %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 folder.
    Read more about how to include a custom script in a WinPE Image in this Technet article.

  5. Unmount the WinPE.wim file:

    imagex /unmount c:\winpe_x86\mount /commit

  6. Add Acronis Snap Deploy 4 to the created WinPE.wim image and create Acronis Bootable Media. Please refer to Acronis Snap Deploy 4: Creating WinPE-Based Acronis Bootable Media.

More information

See also Acronis Snap Deploy 4: Creating Acronis Bootable Media.